Welcome to West Boron Elementary

Welcome to West Boron Elementary

Dear Parents,


All of the staff at West Boron Elementary

want to make this a very successful school year for your child. Your active support and

cooperation, combined with our best efforts, will ensure academic success for your child.

We are proud of our staff and students and invite you to be involved in West Boron.

There is a spirit of cooperation and progress at our school we want to share with you.

The goal of our school is to provide each student with a challenging and rigorous

curriculum appropriate to his/her academic level. We believe every child can achieve

academic success. To this end every child will be provided with quality instructional

experiences which recognize, support, and maintain high expectations for all students.

Please participate and be active in our school events and activities. The partnership

between the home, the school and the child is a key factor in your child’s success in school.

You are an important part of what makes West Boron Elementary so special. We look

forward to seeing everyone.




Robert Kostopoulos