COVID-19 Office Hours and Temporary Changes

COVID-19 Office Hours and Temporary Changes

Starting Monday April 6, 2020 West Boron Office will be open by phone and email only between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm Monday through Thursday to address any concerns or questions. We will not be open to the public at this time.

We know this is a time for adjustment and understanding. Moving forward from this point, we sill be setting up pickup and drop off times in regards to students work. At West Boron we take health and safety seriously, so we are trying to make this as convenient as possible.

Pick up and Drop off will be available ONE day a week at Three Locations. Work will be available at West Boron MPR, Boron High MPR, and the District Office MPR on Tuesdays at the following times.

Kindergarten- Second 9:00 am

Third and Fourth 10:00 am

Fifth and Sixth 11:00 am

Due to Social Distancing, ONLY come at your scheduled time for pickup and drop off. Parents with MULTIPLE students may pick up all work at one of the designated times.

Just a Reminder we will only have pick up and drop off on TUESDAYS at these times. No EXCEPTIONS will be made.

As of now, the District Office is in charge of food distribution times and locations.