Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup
Posted on 05/21/2021

West Boron Elementary will have a Kindergarten SIGNUP on Monday, JUNE 7, 2021 from 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. Kindergarten Registration will be by appointment starting August 2, 2021

 Kindergarten Registration Packets will be available on JUNE 7th at time of signup. Packets need to be completed by scheduled appointment in order to complete registration and begin school on August 16, 2021.

Parents enrolling students will need to bring the following to their appointment in August:

  • A BIRTH VERIFICATION (children MUST be five years old on or before Sept 1, 2021.)

  • A COPY OF ALL IMMUNIZATION RECORDS. California State Law requires proof of immunization against the following:

POLIO – 3 doses is enough if the last one was given after the 4th birthday.

DTP – 4 doses, but one more is needed if the last dose was received before the 4th birthday.

MMR – 2 doses

HEPATITIS B – a 3-dose series is required.

VARICELLA (chickenpox) – 2 doses or medical proof of having had the chickenpox.  Parent’s acknowledgment is not enough.

  • PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – California State Health Department requires a school enrollment physical. You are encouraged to do this as soon as possible.


  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY – phone bill, cable bill, letter from housing, etc.